One Last Day

Image credit; Casey Horner Unsplash

It were the last rays of the sun, golden and pious like they can clear a soul of all sins. Stratocumulus clouds filled the sky, like the last dream, luring a young girl into falling for death. The aura was calm, giving a sense of solitude. The sunflowers turned to the east anticipating the rise of another morning, but what if there is none?

“Watch out, Amara” Jade exclaimed and jumped in the puddle.

“Jade….” she says bitterly “You are seventeen!”


“Act like one then”

“You mean sit in bed all day like you” her eyes widened as she said this “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to say this. I..I…I am such a fool”

“It’s fine, I know you didn’t mean it” Amara says with an assuring smile on her face. “It’s getting dark, we should head back. Do you mind helping me with my wheelchair?”

“Absolutely not” Jade takes her back to her home.

Amara was diagnosed with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at an early age of 12. It is a chronic lung disease, causing inflammation in lungs, obstructing air flow. Her condition has been deteriorating since then. With Jade by her side, she has enjoyed her life to the fullest, although they have different personas. Her doctors have asked her family and friends to prepare themselves for the worst, they expected her to live for five years since the diagnosis.

They talked their hearts out on their way back home.

“Will you forget me after I am gone?”

“For the hundredth time, Amara, yes, I will forget you totally.” She chuckles. “But seriously, it’s not fair, you will die and I will mourn in pain.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll save a seat for you in heaven, next to me”

“Have you considered going to Hell. That suits you more”

Jade takes Amara to her home. She stands in front of her, and leaps in for a hug with teary eyes “I will miss you” Jade says in a cracking voice. “I will”

“That’s rare. Miss cheerful is sobbing” Amara smiles in an attempt to comfort her. “Hey, it’s okay”

“Bye. See Ya” Jade says wiping off her tears and walks away.

It was a dreary morning, covered with grey clouds. Amara called up Jade, she didn’t pick up, she tried again but to her dismay it remained unanswered. She called for her caretaker, “Miss. Brown, I can’t reach out to Jade, has she left any message for me.”

“Yes, sweetie, she actually left a note for you with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, Pear Blossom” Miss. Brown handed her the bouquet and a note which read “I will be out for a few days, Don’t miss me, Take care, Love Ya”

Amara was upset, thinking if she could ever meet Jade before she leaves her sufferings and sorrows behind.

They stayed in touch during first week, but rarely talked in the second week. The third week proved to be devastating. The church was filled with people dressed in black. The sun shone but the rays weren’t gleeful, now mornings will never bring a new hope.

She stood in front of her grave, she reminisced about the days filled with smiles, laughter and happiness, last day she met her, not knowing she would never see her again. She smiles through the pain, tears rolled down her eyes. A cool breeze made her feel the presence of her friend, assuring she is safe above.

She kept Zinnia on her grave, a symbol of thoughts of absent friends. The gravestone read “In the Loving Memory of Jade Martinez”

She looks up at the sky, covered with stratocumulus clouds, with teary eyes.

“I hope we can be together in the afterlife” She sighs deeply and closes her eyes.

Written in response to What do you see #144 by Sadje.

When I first saw the picture, it appeared to me as a path to Heaven. I tried my best to make my writing reader friendly.

It feels great to write after such a long time.

I hope you enjoyed it. Share your thoughts, I would love to hear them.

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